First Login

This page covers logging in for the first time into an Enterprise account where the data has already been setup. If you are the first user in your organization, you won't have any data to sync down from the cloud, in which case you should click here for further instruction.

1. Make sure you're connected to the internet then enter your email and password to login. We recommend using Wi-Fi for your first login.

2. Select the Folder you'd like to access.​

3. Give the Unit List a second to load. Pull down to reveal the Search Bar. Pull down even further to refresh. You can actually pull down on any List screen to load in any changes that have been made since logging in, much like your mail or facebook apps.

4. Swipe right to reveal the Main Menu and the full descriptions of each tab.

5. Select Inspections.

6. Give the Inspections list a second to load; pull down to refresh if needed.

7. Select Templates from the Main Menu.

8. Give the Templates list a second to load; pull down to refresh if needed.

9. Return to the Units List.

If your device is Cellular Capable, the ability to sync will be off by default in order to prevent over-usage of your Data Plan. You can enable Cellular sync, though, it may use a lot of data.

10. To enable Cellular Sync, tap Setting in the bottom left of the screen.

11. Select Sync then toggle Use Cellular Data ON.

12. Tap Settings in the top left corner of the window, then tap Done.


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