After a long day of in-field inspections, it's always a good idea to upload all of your work to the Cloud as soon as possible. Simply connecting to Wi-Fi and opening the app will begin the upload, but below is some relevant information to help you understand the process.

1. Tap the Cloud located in the Main Menu to the left to view the Cloud Activity.

2. This will list any pending items that need to upload to the Cloud. If there is a number next to the cloud, it represents the number of items left to Upload.

3. If there is a red exclamation mark, it represents an issue trying to upload your data. Simply tap on the red exclamation mark for more information.

4. If there is an error on an Email, drag it to the left to reveal a Retry button.

5. If there's nothing left to upload, the Cloud Activity will be empty. Tap done when finished. The upload will continue as long the App remains open so there's no need to keep the Cloud Activity open.


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