Setting Folder Access Permissions

Access to your team's data is determined on a per-folder basis. If a folder isn't shared with someone, they won't know it exists. Here's how to make sure only the right people are accessing the right data.

First, Login to your Happy Inspector Web Account


Setting Folder Access Permissions from HappyCo on Vimeo.

Step by Step Walkthrough...

1. Login to your Happy Inspector Web Account

2. Click Choose a Folder and select the Folder from the list you'd like to set Access Permissions for.

3. Select Manage Folder Access from the list of Manage options.

4. Click the link (shown below) to begin setting Access Permissions. (skip to #5 if this has already been turned on).

5. Users listed under Team already have Access to the Folder. Click Others to begin adding users to the Team.

6. Next to Users you'd like to add to the Folder's Team (those that have access to the Folder), click Grant Access. You'll begin to see their names listed under Folder Access to the right under Folder Info.

7. Click on Team to view the list of Users with Access to the Folder. Click Restrict Access to block them from accessing the Folder. You'll see their names disappear from the Folder Access list to the right.

8. Click the link (shown below) to grant access to every User in your Account.

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