Resolving Errors From Changed Folder Permissions

Occasionally you may come across an 'Unauthorised' or a '403 Forbidden' error when you're trying to sync your inspections and reports. It can sound a little intimidating but don't get put off, it's just a way of saying your permission to upload data to the Happy Cloud for your account has changed. You or another user on the device you've been using has had their access to a property or folder removed. This can happen for example if a previous employee's data is still in Happy Inspector waiting to upload and their user account get's removed from your business account.

It should be a relatively easy to resolve but your Happy Inspector admin may need to get our Support team involved to help resolve the issue.

1. Unauthorised errors in your cloud activity window for data and photos


If you see a large red dot and exclamation mark over your cloud icon in Happy Inspector please tap in to the Cloud Activity window and investigate what's going on. If it says 403 Forbidden or Unauthorised, then this guide is for you!

2. Tap on the small green 'i' icon in the circle should bring up more details on the error


The error report has the id for the folder and the id of the user who's temporarily unauthorised. You Happy Inspector Administrator or our Support team will use this to fix the issue you're experiencing.

3. If your Happy Inspector account Administrator has been changing permissions around properties or folders temporarily grant access again


This error in your Happy Inspector app can appear if your Happy Inspector account has users who's access to properties (folders) are managed by your company's Happy Inspector Administrator.

If this is the case, your Administrator just needs to log in to Happy Manage and temporarily reverse changes for all the users who've been using the device that has the errors on it. For example, grant access to the previous employees user account to the property, then reverse it back after the data has synced.

4. Your data should now start syncing again. Please also make sure to tap Retry All if still not syncing


If your data is still not syncing up, please don't hesitate to contact our Support team here at and we'll be happy to help as well.

Before contacting us, it would also be very helpful if you could also please upload a snapshot of your app at the same time. You can do that by following the steps in this guide

We look forward to helping you get all your data uploaded to the Happy Cloud and back on to the path of Happy Inspecting 💫


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